02  american accent - American T sound - pronunciation of american english

02 american accent - American T sound - pronunciation of american english

american accent - American T sound - pronunciation of american english

Pronunciation lesson to make your English sound more American and reduce your foreign accent. Quick tip for people learning English.

hi it's Lisa moisten again your accent reduction trainer today I'm going to teach you a valuable tip that's going to make you sound more American it has to do with the pronunciation of the letter T I'm going to say one word two different ways and I want you to ask yourself which one sounds more American city city better better water water computer computer the second one of course so as you can see the T is not really a T it sounds more like a D in certain situations

let me explain for example the word water the T is between two vowels when the T is between two vowels it changes and it becomes what we call an almost D or a fast D let me demonstrate when we say better

we don't say bed dirt it's not a real strong D it's real quick no better better better let's try a few words we don't say Otto we say Otto automobile we don't say automatic we say Otto automatic autograph so the T is between two vowels and it changes into a D let's try a few more words City ability computer ok this also happens when the T is at the end of the word and another word follows and the first letter of that word is a vowel let me show you it is we don't say yes it is we say yes it is so one vowel T

the end another vowel we linked it and therefore the T is between two vowels repeat after me

yes it is we don't say at eleven we say at eleven we don't say what ah we say voila repeat after me what a nice day what a good idea okay all right now I'm going to say a few sentences and I want you to repeat after me do you want to get in or get out I bought it at a computer store I got up at 11 o'clock by the way this is not considered sloppy or lazy or casual speech this is a standard American accent if you would like additional information on how to change your accent and make it sound more American I have written a book called mastering the American accent the book comes with four CDs and five hours of listening and repeating five hours of audio and it's filled with hundreds of other rules like this hundreds of others methods and techniques so that you can sound more American thanks for watching remember this good communication skills are your key to success both professionally and personally

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